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Varoom Baby T-shirt
Flowers Baby T-shirt
Lots of Chips Now Baby T-shirt
'Varroom' Car
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

£14.95 (UK p&p FREE)  
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

£14.95 (UK p&p FREE)    
'Lots of Chips Now Please'
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

£14.95 (UK p&p FREE)    
Kittens Baby T-shirt
BMX Baby T-shirt
Minis Baby T-shirt
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

(UK p&p FREE)  
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

(UK p&p FREE)
'Minis Car'
Baby T-shirt with Pizza Box

£14.95 (UK p&p FREE)    

I love Chips


Funky and cool baby T-shirts that make a perfect and original baby gift idea....

Cool baby T-shirts to rock your baby gift ideas, all these funky baby Tees come packed in a very cool 'Special Delivery' pizza box which you can customize and add the babies and your name. A perfect and original baby gift idea. Designs included funky graphics and humorous slogans, we have the 'Minis' baby t-shirt, which comes on a navy baby t-shirt, the funny 'Lots of Chips To Eat Now Please' baby T-shirt, for that chip hungry babe which comes on a green baby t-shirt. The very cute 'Varroom' baby T-shirt which comes on a skyblue baby t-shirt. The pretty 'Flowers' baby t-shirt which comes on a white baby T-shirt for a little angel or the 'Kittens' baby t-shirt which comes on a light pink baby t-shirt. There is something here for everyone looking for that original baby gift. All baby T-shirts are designed and made in England, UK. If you have any questions regarding the Blueskin baby t-shirt range please contact us, we would love to hear from you.
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