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Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition - May 2008

Jamie Brown - from Romford, Essex UK
*The Winner* for his sticker that travelled photograph.
Get Involved - It's all about you!

Brilliant sticker job on your desk Jamie congratulations to you!!

Vote for the latest sticker competition follow the link and write a comment in the blog like 'I'm loving this photograph' Good luck friends, you can vote here
Enter the Blueskin sticker competition. Email your 'Stickers That Travel' photos to We put all the photos we receive on the Blueskin website and blog for that month. If your photo gets the most votes you win a FREE Blueskin T-shirt of your choice! It's that easy...... so get your Blueskin 8 Sticker Pack for £2.50 get creative, get amongst it.

Blueskin 'Stickers That Travel' Competition
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